The Breast Cancer Research Trust (BCRT) runs the Waikato / Midlands regional division of the Breast Cancer Foundation National Register (‘the register’). This is a Ministry of Health secured web-based database built with the intention of creating a population based picture of breast cancer care in New Zealand.

The register records detailed information about diagnosis, treatment and outcomes of patients with breast cancer, which allows the medical community to monitor standards of care in the Waikato and Midlands and benchmarks against national and international treatment standards.

This confidential database also allows multidisciplinary research into the many aspects of the breast cancer position in the Waikato and New Zealand.

BCRT collaborates with the Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch regions of the register with observational studies and projects.

The information stored on the register is completely confidential and can only be released through strict governance control. Both public and private sector breast cancer patients, as well as patients with invasive breast cancer and DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ – a pre-invasive cancer) are eligible to participate in the registers; participation is voluntary.

If you have volunteered to be on the Register, you will receive an annual follow up. This enables our team to monitor your diagnosis, any progression of the disease and your treatment.

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Requests for data are welcomed. All data released is in a form that does not identify any individuals and is critiqued and approved by the Clinical Advisory Group (or the Waikato Breast Cancer Register Executive Group if the request is just for local Waikato data) before release. These groups consist of senior clinicians from across New Zealand including the Waikato Hospital covering a range of medical disciplines and provides governance over who can use the data and for what purpose, along with any cost that may be incurred, if any.

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The Waikato/Midlands regional division of the Breast Cancer Foundation National Register is proudly funded by