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Gift to the Breast Cancer Research Trust

Gift in lieu of celebration

Be the BrEaST and ask friends and family to celebrate your birthday, wedding or anniversary with a donation.

Gift in memory

Pay tribute to lives lost to breast cancer by giving in memory and being part of our commitment to delivering better outcomes for future generations diagnosed with breast cancer.

Bequest to research

A gift in your Will to the Breast Cancer Research Trust will make a difference to lives now and in the years ahead, it’s a way to give beyond your lifetime and make a lasting contribution towards the fight against breast cancer.

For your gift to the Breast Cancer Research Trust the following wording is recommended:

“I give and bequeath (free of all duties) to the Breast Cancer Research Trust the sum of (or description of property and assets) for general purposes (or specific purpose) thereof and I declare that the receipt of the secretary or any other proper officer thereof shall be full and sufficient discharge to my trustee for the said legacy nor shall by trustee be bound to see the application thereof.”

Please discuss with your solicitor.