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Breast Cancer Research Trust NZ, gaining knowledge and saving lives

Our Story

Every year, the lives of thousands of women diagnosed with breast cancer fall apart. As do the  lives of those around them.

We are committed to holding these lives together through evidence-based breast cancer research.

The Breast Cancer Research Trust was established in 2000 by a group of dedicated breast cancer specialist doctors and nurses at Te Whatu Ora Health NZ - Waikato, who wanted to make clinical trials possible and accessible to those diagnosed with breast cancer.

Research is simply the best weapon we have to fight breast cancer

What can we discover from clinical trials and research?

In a word, everything. All the major advances we have made to prevent, treat and cure breast cancer, have come from research.

Clinical trials translate the discoveries of science, technology and pharmacology into real results for women. They form the link between research discoveries made in laboratories and clinical workplaces and make new treatments available for people diagnosed with breast cancer. They’re vital to help us determine whether new treatments and procedure are safe and effective.

It's because of the generosity of people like you that this research is possible.

The BCRT as well as Te Whatu Ora Health NZ - Waikato receives no formal government funding for our research. As a result the Trust was formed to become a platform for fundraising, receiving donations, and submitting grant applications to help make this important research possible.

It is due to the generosity of our community that our work is possible and for that, along with the willingness of all those women who participate in our trials, we are truly humbled and grateful.