International Breast cancer Intervention Study (IBIS) II Decision Aid sub study

1 July 2014


To evaluate the usefulness of using a decision aid booklet developed to assist women who were considering joining IBIS II anastrozole prevention trial (see trials in follow-up). This research looked into how we can improve informed consent/communication of treatment options.

Scientific title

Improving informed consent: A randomised controlled trial of a decision aid for women invited to participate in a breast cancer prevention trial. (International Breast Cancer Intervention Study-II (IBIS-II) trial).


Decision aids may improve informed consent in clinical trial recruitment, but have not been evaluated in this context. This study investigated whether a decision aid can reduce difficulties around decision making among women considering participation in the International Breast Cancer Intervention Study-II (IBIS-II) trial.


Improving decision making about clinical trial participation – a randomised controlled trial of a decision aid for women considering participation in the IBIS-II breast cancer prevention trial. Juraskova I, Butow P, Bonner C, Bell M, Smith B, Seccombe M, Boyle F, Reaby L, Cuzick J, Forbes J. British Journal of Cancer; 1 July 2014; 111(1); 1-7.