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Our supporters stories

Jenni Scarlet

Jenni Scarlet understands that research is the best weapon in the fight against breast cancer through her own first hand experience. And now, Jenni has chosen to continue supporting the Breast Cancer Research Trust (BCRT) beyond her lifetime by leaving a bequest in her will. Jenni’s generosity will contribute to gaining knowledge and saving lives for future generations of women diagnosed with breast cancer.

Jenni Scarlett a supporter of Breast Cancer Research Trust

Margaret Jenkins - Volunteer

Margaret Jenkins started volunteering for the Breast Cancer Research Trust in 2017 and has been an important part of making things happen at the BCRT ever since. Marg experienced the loss of a close friend to breast cancer and understands the large ripple effect one's loss can have on their family and their community.

Margaret Jenkins, volunteer for Breast Cancer Research Trust

Tara - Founder of Tar's Candle Co.

Tara is the founder of Tar’s Candle Co. and is currently a year 9 student at Te Awamutu College.

Tara was determined to travel to Scotland in 2019 to spend time with her Aunty, who had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

“We wanted to spend as much time with her as we could. She was really sick at the time, but is doing well now.”

Tara’s parents challenged her with the task of saving up her own spending money for their trip to Scotland. The young entrepreneur, 10 years old at the time, decided that making and selling beautiful homemade candles would be the way to go! After returning from her journey to Scotland, Tara continued making candles for her family and friends. Four years on, Tar’s Candle Co. is a thriving small business based out of Te Awamutu.

Tara, founder of Tar's Candle Co is a proud supported of Breast Cancer Research Trust