Giving comfort, warmth and dignity to cancer treatments

11 June 2020

A Tauranga-based clothing business has established a relationship with the Trust with the aim of providing funding to the Trust through a portion of sales of its recently-development garments for patients undergoing cancer treatment.

The Business Tailor has developed a range of garments under the Can Do name to give cancer patients (and others undergoing infusion treatments) something practical and comfortable to wear that allows treatment access without having to remove clothing, as well as being warm, easy-wash and stylish.

Managing Director, Graeme Dick says “We manufacture our garments in Tauranga, using top-quality merino wool and cotton.

Most of our garments are merino, with cotton knitted on the inside to reduce the likelihood of wool allergy amongst patients. There are also 100% cotton garments available, which better suit warmer climates.

All garments have IV and PICC access on both sleeves, and we manufacture garments that separately offer access for Portacath, breast and upper-body treatments.”

“A close friend who underwent treatment was the catalyst for us developing this range. He was one of several patients to trial the clothing to guide us with improvements to the design and final product”.

The Business Tailor aims to support the Trust through its Can Do range and Professor Ian Campbell, Chairman of the Trust endorses this initiative:

“These garments fill a big gap in practical, comfortable, and stylish provision of care for cancer patients. Graeme has put in the time and effort to make sure they fulfil each of these. Well done Graeme!”

Production of the garments is imminent, with the New Zealand market being the first priority. Export markets are currently being developed.

Graeme says “Most people in our country have had some form of contact with cancer. We often feel frustrated with not being able to help friends and loved ones during their journey. We are committed to doing what we can to make patient’s lives more comfortable with dignity while undergoing treatment, so that in some small way, we can help while at the same time, supporting the Trust”.

For more information about the Can Do range, contact Graeme on 027 226 1732 or